Better Websites with WP Development with These Trends

WordPress is very popular since its inception. As per W3tech survey, WordPress is used by 61.3% of the website which are using a content management system and which is equivalent to 34.5% of all websites in the world. This data is enough to indicate how’s immensely used by the world’s most popular CMS. If you are planning for a content management system or business website, WordPress technology preference will be ideal. Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life.” In terms of the technology this quote is very true, so the question will be in mind, What’s changes or improvements are required, If you are planning the WordPress website is in 2019, in other words, What are trending in WordPress in 2019? Let’s discuss in details.

Landing Pages

Most trends in WordPress based website is the landing pages. WordPress pages are created in keeping in mind the landing page structure where the visitor can find all precious information on one page and submit the forms for the leads. When you add very precise and accurate information for any topic for the particular page, then it will be great chances Google or other search engines will index those pages on top, ultimately you will get more sales leads.

Video introduction at home page’s header

The small video which gives a brief about your business information which trends nowadays. The video should be short and it should be quick to load when page lands. This functionality gives a very good impact on the visitor or prospect client and also give an edge over the boring traditional home page.

Vibrant and eye-catchy website

This is a new rage of the looks and feel. The design which has vibrant color, bold fonts, and eye-catching elements are more popular in 2019 compared to the classical theme of earlier years. Still, the design is subject matter and choice is a varied different individual.


Animation has been very popular during flash’s era, but the biggest problem with the flash website is it’s hard for the search engines to understand flashy website or content so you will have less chance to get a good index on search engines. Thanks to Javascript based front end framework now, this problem has been solved. People are more porn to see animation their website which will give a good insight into the information and offer a tremendous experience while visiting the website.  

Responsive or Mobile friendly website

This is the era of the smartphone and mobile data plan, so no discussion can be completed without discussing the mobile-friendly website. Most of the WordPress is now responsive means it’s compatible with smartphone, tablet, and mobile devices. This feature must be part of your website, in case if you are missing this feature, then it’s a good chance you are losing your potential sales. Google also introduced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which is a guideline or framework which emphasis for the visitor’s best experience in mobile websites, that means google promote those websites, which are compatible with AMP, in such circumstances mobile-friendly website is an inevitable thing. 

Website builder and other interactive tools ( drag and drop functionality)

In 2019, this is the most demanding feature. The users want functionality at the backend is very user-friendly. WordPress is already supporting classical HTML editor to manage things, but to manage things through editor is not every layman person’s cup of tea. The users are a more demanding interactive tool like website builder by which they can easily drag and drop and manage the content with ease.

Website speed and optimization:

Website speed and optimization is tending because it must be required. Do you think your potential customer will wait for your home page which took more than 10 seconds to load?. The obvious answer is ‘No’.  Google has a tool called ‘Page speed insight’(, which gives a clear report after inputting your website URL and steps to improve your website. All WordPress website must be checked and passed through this tool to get proper indexing in Google or other search engines and work efficiently.

Form evolution and AI chatbot:

In 2019, Forms are becoming shorter. The long and lengthy forms are replacing with a precious and small form where the customer can input the desired contact information to initiate the sale’s call.  The WordPress website is also integrated with AI chatbot by which customer initial contact information can be stored easy way for the next stage activities.

Final thought:

No doubt, WordPress is very popular and trending CMS. But as per technology demands, it should be upgraded. One should keep a close eye as per latest technology and terminology which are trending, WordPress Website developer which will take your website to the next level.