Clean And Healthy Fast Food With Drive Thru

Shoreline resident Russ Shulman decided to give up his real estate career and follow his passion for good, healthy food. Inspired by the sight of harried mothers with tired children at grocery stores, he created a drive thru market that featured Places With Drive Thru Near Me products consumers were most likely to want in a hurry – but the food is healthy.

Foodies carry a large selection of organic, gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan products. This includes refrigerated and frozen food, dry goods, and non-food products. Some items from the menu include a variety of tea, beverages for kids, refrigerated organic yogurt and cheese, burritos and pizza, and baby food and diapers.

Fast Food With Drive Thru
Fast Food With Drive Thru

You can get dinner to go, an espresso drink, and your groceries, all in the same stop and without getting out of your car. Currently, Drive Thru Food Near Me Open Now has a coupon promotion for a free sample of their products, See their website.

Or get off your order by bringing in three cans of food for Oroville. Even more convenient, have your groceries delivered.  Free delivery service for Foodies groceries, drinks, and prepared foods if you live in the area between 110th and 160th and 35th Ave to 15th Ave.

Foodie is looking to expand their hours, and open multiple locations within the year. Current store hours are: Weekdays from 6 am – 6:30 pm, weekends from 8 am – 6:30 pm. get to Foodies south bound only on Oroville. It’s easy to spot their brightly colored red and gold food trailer. Read Here