Deatils Of Alum Stone

If you do not use alum stone as a deodorant yet, it will revolutionize your deodorant budget! Our deodorant in 120g format will last you between 1 to 2 years. Yes you read well almost 2 years!

Discover how alum stone works on perspiration odors and ease of use.

The stone of alum, a natural deodorant

Why use industrial deodorants stuffed with synthetic products with sometimes dubious virtues? The stone of alum by its chemical composition is a powerful natural deodorant notably for the armpits and the feet. Alum stone regulates perspiration by tightening the pores of the skin, fights against the development of bacteria (odors) and lets the skin breathe. The Alum is recommended for people with heavy perspiration as well as for the whole family. A deodorant with an efficiency well above 24H without any danger.

The Alum or potassium alum is a natural mineral salt mined in many careers. The stone has many virtues 100% natural. The properties of the Alum Stone: antiseptic, healing, hypoallergenic, and deodorant or rot proof alum stone are due to the bacteriologist qualities of alum.

History of alum stone

The history of Alum begins in Antiquity and continues in the Middle Ages, alum stone is used as “mordant” for the dyeing of the colored fabric (we use today salt) provocative substance or accentuating adhesion of the dye on the tissues. Alum promotes the coagulation of proteins (hemostatic property), it was used to treat leather.

The alum stone is also used in the construction to help the fixing of the pigments, it is possible to use during the setting of the lime, a binding agent. This is the case of alum salt.

Sports deodorant

Widely known athletes, alum stone is nowadays renowned for its bodily use thanks to its astringent, antiseptic and anti-perspiration properties. It is an ideal deodorant for the sport.

Provenances of alum stone

Until the 16th century, alum was mainly of natural origin and came mainly from quarries in Syria or Italy, in the Tolfa Mountains. It is now operating in many parts of the world, but the main operator is Asia.