Decorating Ideas To Reuse Cardboard Mailing Tubes

Cardboard tubes are designed for mailing large papers or for oddly shaped items. They have plastic caps at each end of the shipping tube that are removable to make it easier when inserting and removing the items you plan to ship.

Cardboard Shipping Tubes

cardboard tubes

Cardboard shipping tubes are perfect for any office that needs to ship large paper media and don’t want to fold or crease their posters, advertisements or unframed pictures. Most Cardboard shipping tubes, or sometimes called Cardboard poster tubes, come in round or triangular prism shapes. Cardboard tubes are preferred over envelopes when it comes to packing paper materials since they take up less room than a large rectangle box.

Shipping tubes come in various widths and lengths to accommodate the item you are shipping. Usually the mailing tubes aren’t any longer than 48 inches (122 cm). Be sure to double check the length you need in a cardboard shipping tube since they are generally shorter than the actual length of the tube because of the removable plastic caps at the ends.

They also come in different colors and patterns. You may want to consider the object you are shipping and the reason before purchasing a cardboard brown color or for something exciting for a holiday or birthday. Mailing tubes also come in heavy duty forms which are designed to hold up to damage while being shipped. You might want to use the heavy duty cardboard shipping tube when shipping something internationally.

You can purchase cardboard shipping tubes at the post office, office supply store, shipping stores, and can be ordered online.

Duck Brand Bubble Wrap Protective Packaging

  • Original Bubble Wrap provides a lot more cushioning and object protection than any other wrap in the market
  • Characteristics a nylon air retention barrier bubble that minimizes air loss – also ideal as void fill
  • Water resistant 3/16″ standard bubbles conform easily to odd shapes and sharp corners
  • Roll is perforated each 12 inches for easier handling

Duck Brand Bubble Wrap cushions and protects your important items for shipping or storage. Original Bubble Wrap functions nylon, air retention barrier that minimizes air-in-bubble loss and maximizes object protection. Much more air, much more cushioning! 30 foot roll is fantastic for shipping and storage wants. Perforated at 12-inch intervals so you can either rip off a 12-inch sheet, or leave it attached and use the longer roll piece.