Easy Steps For Creating Your SEO Friendly Website

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A Wix website is sure to work well for your business in many ways. The AI-powered engine does a range of creative works for creating a Wix website. It finalizes a template while making sure that the site design matches with the logo colors. One can also upload pictures from one’s social media accounts to make a Wix website using the AI-powered engine. The drag-and-drop builder further simplifies the processes.

Another advantage that comes into play is that a Wix website is free to get started with. But eventually, you’d upgrade to an affordable premium plan. Skip the trial and error of creating a Wix website with this step-by-step guide. Here are the steps to go about it:

Step 1 – Create an account

An account for creating a Wix website seldom takes over a few seconds to make. On the Wix homepage, click over the button which says ‘get started’. This would be towards the center of the screen. The CTA is likely to be on each of the WebPages of the Wix website builder. You can start from anywhere.

You’d have to enter your login details, which would be your email and your password. 2-3 basic questions will follow, about the website domain and your prior experience in website building.


It’s optional, but Wix will ask you some follow up questions to help you create exactly what site you’re looking for. These questions help Wix’s ADI builder create a site you like faster.

Here’s an example of what this might look like for you, depending on the options that you’ve selected above.

Thereafter, one is presented with two options for creating a Wix website.

1. Wix ADI creates a website for you

The website builder asks some questions, and you load in custom text and images. In a matter of a few minutes, you’ll have made a Wix website.

2. Create a website for yourself using the Wix Editor

This renders a greater control over the Wix website for you.

We start by seeing how to create the Wix website using Wix ADI.

Step 2 – Answer the questions

To create a Wix website, you’d be required to load the name for your website. In case you do not have a name for your Wix website, you could skip the section and come back to it later. Else, you could go buy a domain name and use it for your website. The site goes live only when you click Publish.

You’d have a choice at uploading your logo. You could skip the step, or upload your logo. In case you don’t have a logo or the site name with you, you could arrange them later as well. So keep progressing with the questions.

Once you upload your logo, Wix AI will come up with a matching color palette. The quality of the palette makes it a great deal.

Next, choose the theme that you like. This defines the Wix website design of your website.

Step 3 – Choose a template

Browse through the themes and go with the one that you like. You have a chance at changing each of the features through the steps that follow. So choose any Wix theme that works for you. Wix AI feature is particularly good if you are sure of your requirements.

You have some readymade choices available at this step for the wix designer for your website. The step may take as little as 5 minutes to complete, while you create Wix website.

If you do not like the template suggested by Wix AI and do not intend to access Wix help, you can also pick up the one that you desire to create your Wix website. Among the prominent categories for your selection are automotive, cars, advertising, marketing, consulting coaching, finance, law and real estate. You access the options available from towards the left of the dashboard.

You also have a choice at taking a blank template and building your Wix website from the start. This is the preferred option if you are a Wix web designer with some prior working experience. It makes your site more unique.

Step 4 – Edit your site

Upon choosing a template, you get to the Wix Editor. If it is a template that you picked yourself, the Wix color palette isn’t applied.

Upon making the necessary changes, you can publish your Wix website right away. You can change anything instantaneously and do not require a Wix developer for the same.

You can accomplish a lot in a few minutes, and define the look and feel of your Wix website. Button headers and images, for instance, can be changed. Content boxes can be customized.

Step 5 – Optimize your site for mobile devices

Having aWix responsive site delivers rich dividends for your business. The mobile version of your website must characteristically have a different presentation as compared to the desktop version. This is important, with the vast majority of search engine interactions taking place over mobile devices.

Wix simplifies the processes for making your website responsive. There’s a mobile icon right towards the top of your screen. Using it, you can easily switch in between mobile editing and desktop view. Changes made over the mobile version of the website do not reflect over the desktop view.

Before you make the site live – run through the mobile version, to see that it meets your liking.

Step 6 – Connect your domain

Connecting the site to the domain name is important before it goes live. A simple way to do this is by clicking Connect Domain over the dashboard.

The default website domain will be: yourusername.wixsite.com/mysite

One changes the mysite portion of the domain for free. But you’d want the domain name to appear different. For the same, you have a choice at buying a domain name from their platform directly, or from a place that specializes in domain names. The right kind of domain name works well from the perspective of a Wix website.

When you pay for a premium account, your Wix website can overcome the ‘wixsite’ in the domain name.

You can create a Wix website yourself without the aid of a Wix expert or Wix web services. But services of a Wix design agency ensure that you get value for money. Your Wix website then has a professional appearance and promotes a positive end-user experience, which works well from a business point of view.