How to Choose an Accountants in London


Choosing the right accountant can be the most important decision a small business can make. In the end, a good local accountants near me is not just a bean counter but a valuable financial consultant. They can help you maximize your revenues and minimize expenses by uncovering key success factors in your business.

Your accountant gains detailed knowledge of your business and its operations. Over time they can quickly audit your business and provide you with the required reporting. It is this familiarity that makes changing accountants very painful. This causes many businesses with mediocre accountants to keep with them year after year instead of finding a better accountant.

Knowing the pain involved with changing accountants, it is surprising how many people don’t spend the effort to find the right accountant for them. They know little about accounting and think one is like another.

But the reality is that not all accountants are created equal.

So how should I decide who is the right accountant for me? Start by considering what accounting services you need and who you would work best with:

Small businesses local accountants have a myriad of forms, financial reports, payroll, and other necessities that may require a bookkeeping service. If you are the owner of a small business and aren’t sure if a bookkeeping service is right for you, the following five reasons may help you decide if investing in one is right for your business:

Save your time for what you do best! You are not an accountant; you are an entrepreneur. You have a great idea for your business and have a background in your product or service. You may not be trained to do bookkeeping. Do not waste your precious time on something for which you have no training. Save your time for running your business.

A financial audit, or audit of financial statements, is the examination by an independent third party of the financial statements of a company or any other legal entity. The audit will determine through the publication of an independent opinion on whether or not the financial statements are relevant, accurate, complete, and fairly presented.


Financial audits exist to add credibility that the financial statements fairly represent the organization’s position and performance. The financial statements are considered crucial to the decisions of all stakeholders, i.e. the IRS, creditors, and regulators. They are also useful when evaluating the sale price for a business.

A financial audit reduces the possibility of a material misstatement. The material is very broadly defined as being large enough or important enough to cause stakeholders to alter their decisions.

A bookkeeping service can save you money, in addition to time. A competent service will know the right forms to file with taxing authorities, so you will decrease the possibility of making an error. You may have to file federal forms, state forms, and/or local forms. You may have to pay income taxes or sales tax. Missing even ONE deadline can be costly for your business. A bookkeeping service will keep track of all of those deadlines for you, which will also cut down on your stress!.

No more payroll worries, because with a bookkeeping service, payroll is a snap! The paperwork involved with employing workers can be cumbersome. There are payroll deductions to calculate and forms to file with tax authorities. Deadlines are often confusing. A bookkeeping service will hand all these tedious tasks for you.
You will never have disorganized financial files again! After a bookkeeping service has prepared your returns or statements, you will get copies of everything. These copies will be presented in an orderly manner and will be ready to file when they hit your office. You will not need to dig through your desk to find pieces of paper or copies. Just go to the filed drawer you’ve dedicated to your bookkeeping files, and all of your information is available. Like magic!

Your bookkeeping service can become a financial partner in your business. If you need financial advice from time to time, the perfect person to ask is the one who is keeping your books. Your bookkeeping service will know the financial side of your business, backward and forward, and may be able to provide you with advice on loans, rental agreements, mortgages, or bank fees. Use the financial knowledge of your partner to help you and your business.

Overall, a bookkeeping service can offer your small business many positives. When considering which service to use, ask how long they’ve been in business, some referrals from current or past clients, and call the Better Business Bureau to be sure there haven’t been any complaints filed against them.