Why Most People Will Never Be Great At babygrows

newborn babygrows

What do you get parents of newborn babies as a present? What do they need? What would they like? With Christmas coming up, I’ve put together some examples from my own experiences as a mum of two, and hope you find them useful.

A present for a new babygrows is really a present for the parents so my first suggestion would be to ask the parents or close friends or family of the parents what they need or want. Some parents will have a readymade list of items they want to get for their baby while others will adopt a more carefree attitude and have no specific suggestions at all. Feel free to suggest some gift ideas and ask whether the parents would like to make the choice, or alternatively put some money or a gift voucher from a kid’s store such as Mothercare or Babies R Us in a card. The voucher or money could be used to buy some baby essentials or a fun item like a playmat or selection of rattles. Parents may like to put any money received into a bank account in the baby’s name for future use, or for when they are adults and would find a little nest egg extremely beneficial.

However, if you do wish to buy a gift to present to the parents there are a lot of options available. How about clothing? You could buy a selection of babygrows or a little outfit in fun colours. Dependent upon the season, buy a warm jumper and mittens or a shorts and t-shirt outfit. If you are unsure of sizes always go with the bigger size as these can then still be used when the baby gets a little bigger.


The size of your gift will depend on your budget but below are some examples of potential gifts, large and small.

Baby Carriers

It might not be the first thing a parent thinks about as you generally cannot use one until your baby is a little older, but a babygrow carrier is a fantastic gift as it can be used for several months and can provide a fun alternative way to transport baby from a to b. There are a variety of different baby carriers on the market but my favourites include the BabyBjorn collection or the Ergo baby carrier.


If the baby you are buying for is a little older the parents may be contemplating moving them into a pushchair. If so, a really handy accessory to own is a footmuff. If the parents have a travel system then they may already have a footmuff but if they are thinking of moving to a smaller pushchair, or buggy, these tend not to come with footmuffs so a fancy new one might be a welcome addition.

Baby Sleeping Bag

A lot of babies kick their blankets off in the middle of the night, and then wake up crying as they are cold from having no warm layers protecting their delicate bodies. A sleeping bag allows the baby to still have movement but it cannot be kicked off or removed by the baby. Sleeping bags are particularly useful during the colder months.