Plan an Epic Bachelor Party in Puerto Vallarta

There are few nights more memorable in a man’s life than his bachelor party. This celebration of good friends, great times, and wild parties happens but once in a lifetime. Whether its thick steaks, private beaches, spicy dancers or all of the above, PV Nightlife can tailor a Puerto Vallarta bachelor party for you that will go down in history as truly epic.

We’ve all been to those bachelor parties. You know the ones we’re talking about: “We’re just going to hang out, have some beers, and go to dinner. Just a chill evening.”

There’s nothing wrong with chilling, don’t get us wrong, but a bachelor party should be something different. It’s a celebration not only of marriage but of the groom himself. His successes, his mistakes, and the friends he’s made along the way—everything has led up to this moment. And this moment has to be one he never forgets. But where to start? What to do? How to plan? And how much is this all going to cost?

There’s only one place that’s got everything from pristine beaches to the hottest clubs to world-class dining and cocktails at a price that almost anyone can afford: Puerto Vallarta. As locals and nightlife experts in PV, we’ve got your back. We’re going to take you through all the steps and teach you all the tricks to make your (or his) bachelor party in Puerto Vallarta one for the ages.

Planning a Bachelor Party in Puerto Vallarta

Planning a bachelor party is fun, but it’s not always easy. As PV locals, we know all the hottest spots to hit and the overpriced tourist traps to avoid. Take a look at our step-by-step guide to planning your bachelor party in Puerto Vallarta, and get in touch with us when you’re ready. We’ll help you put all the pieces together and even hook you up with the VIP treatment.

Timing is everything

Timing is everything

The first thing you have to decide is when your bachelor party is going to start and end. It’s easy to watch a crazy bachelor party movie and think that in just one night you can go fishing, get lost in the woods, stumble into a karaoke rap battle with Ice-T, eat dinner on top of a skyscraper, meet a traveling group of supermodels, and end up at a topless pool party at Mike Tyson’s Penthouse. We’re not saying your bachelor party isn’t going to be just as great. We’re just saying that you might need to space it out over a couple of nights in Madala beach nightclub.

Here’s what you can expect to be able to do with your time in PV:

One Night: You’ll have time for a few activities, and because it’s the evening, they’ll probably center on the nightlife (our specialty!). The classic mix for one evening is drinks followed by dinner and a night of bars, music, and/or clubs.

• One Day: When you start early, you have many more opportunities. You can check out the city, take an excursion, and go on a fishing cruise and more before heading out for a wild night.

• A Weekend: A bachelor weekend is the optimal PV experience. Spend some quality time with the guys and explore the city and everything it has to offer without having to worry about the time.

At Puerto Vallarta Nightlife, we can plan and guide your bachelor party experience from the moment you arrive until the grand finale.

Stay in Style

Where are you going to stay to celebrate the craziest weekend of your life, The Holiday Inn? Hell no! In Mexico, staying in a hotel is almost always going to be more expensive than booking a home, especially if you’re rolling deep.

Instead of crowding into six small rooms, book an entire home for a fraction of the price. And just wait ‘til you see the homes we’ve got waiting… “Villa” is the more appropriate term for our accommodation listings. We’ve got beach access, private pools, BBQs, flat screens, and fully stocked bars. Need something else? Just name it, and we’ll make sure it’s there.

Great Eats on PV’s Streets

You need fuel to keep you going through the day and all night long, and Puerto Vallarta has the best mix of fresh flavors and full-on feasts on the planet. Whether you want to treat the guys to fresh grilled seafood and margaritas on the beach or fat steaks and whiskey in your own private enclave, we know all the best spots and have all the maître d’s on speed dial.

Here’s what you need to ask yourself when it comes to food:

• How many meals? How many meals do you want to organize as a squad? You definitely don’t want to show up without a reservation on a busy night, so think this one through. A lot of people just do dinner, and that’s totally cool. But you’ll probably want to plan for a late night smash at one of the PV’s famous taco street stalls!

• What’s on the menu? If twelve guys are rolling in for T-bones on the same night, it’s always good to let the chef know beforehand. For a more relaxing experience and a better price, plan your menu in advance.

• VIP treatment? If you and the boys plan on getting rowdy, singing some of your favorite drinking songs, or just want to class it up, book a private room. You’ll never have to wait for service or worry about distractions.

The Party

This is what it’s all come down to, and the nightlife in Puerto Vallarta will not disappoint. We’re talking killer light shows, world-famous DJs, huge dance floors, the swankiest bars, and the most epic venues.

But what’s the right move for your crew? Here are your options:

Lounges: A great place to start the night, Puerto Vallarta’s cocktail lounges are refined and relaxed places to take a load off and recharge your energy after a big meal. We can help you find one with a view of Banderas Bay and even stock you with a box of Cuban stogies.

Puerto Vallarta Nightlife

• Bars: If you think the bars here in PV are like your neighborhood pubs at home, you’re in for a surprise. Our bars are hip and full of movement with spontaneous dancing and music abound. Signature cocktails fly as bartenders pump up the crowd for the night to come.

• Music venues: If you’re into rock, pop, reggae, Latin or even mariachi, we know where all the chicas will be dancing to live tunes. If the groom-to-be is a music buff, he won’t want to miss the PV scene.

• Clubs: Some of the hottest clubs in the world are right here in PV. The doors stay open until 6 am, so you’ll be able to make the night of your life last as long as you like. Don’t forget to book a VIP table to make the groom-to-be the life of the party.

• Strip Clubs: Don’t pretend that it didn’t cross your mind… If there’s anywhere you can’t go to escape the balmy PV nights, it’s our gentlemen’s clubs. Once you walk through those doors, things will only get hotter. If you think you can handle the heat, we’ll take you on a sexy club crawl that serves up plenty of spice.

Puerto Vallarta by Day (Optional)

If your bachelor party is going to last longer than just one evening, you’ll want to plan some memorable events with the guys. Luckily, PV Nightlife can help you do a lot more than just party.

Just say the word and we can book and organize any of the following events:

Beach trips
• Paragliding
• Jungle hikes
• Fishing excursions
• Yacht parties
• Tours of the city
• Private parties
• Welcome mariachi band
• And so much more.

Our expert guides and organizers at PV Nightlife know absolutely EVERYTHING about this town. If you want to organize something that isn’t on this list, just ask and they can get it done.

Book your Bachelor Party in Puerto Vallarta Now

Epic bachelor parties in Puerto Vallarta don’t just happen; they take a little planning on your part and a little local magic on ours. Don’t risk falling into a lame tourist trap or getting stuck in long lines. Do you want to risk having an “OK time” on your big night? This is not a night for compromise, and this is not a night to be left to chance.