Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue


Adrenal fatigue is the deficiency or the decreased ability of the adrenal glands to perform their normal or optimum functioning which can lead to incapacitating symptoms. Typically, anyone can be afflicted with this condition, regardless of age, sex and race. This state occurs when emotional, environmental, mental or physical stress is so great that the body can’t deal and the demands can cripple its capacity to adjust. These stressors may involve allergies, infectious illnesses, toxic situations and the like. This can also run in the family and those children with lowered immune responses or with less ability to cope with stressful events are the usual targets.


What are the specific causes? Adrenal fatigue can stem from various etiology. One, diseases such as recurrent fever, cancer, immune disorders, diabetes and so on can trigger the condition. Two, surgical treatment, physical injury, addiction and inadequate nutrition that highlight physical stress can lead to organ fatigue. Not to mention, emotional pressures and severe environmental changes may result to a full-blown anomaly. What are the signs and symptoms which you can watch out for? The adrenals which controls the amount of hormones secreted in the body acts as a storage system for receiving and spending. If the system is out of juice which the body can’t replenish or balance due to constant stress, you may experience several symptoms. You may commonly deal with feelings of exhaustion, sleep disturbances, reduced sex drive, even depression. Physically, you may get brittle hair, pale lips, dry skin, the presence of belly fat and hair loss. Some people may experience sugar or salt cravings, respiratory infections, heart palpitations while others may have difficulty coping with stress and possess feelings of foreboding or being overwhelmed.

On the whole, knowing these warning signs can help you decide to get a consultation and find out what’s wrong. This is necessary to determine if you have low adrenal hormones in the blood and see the possible treatments available for your condition.