What Do I Need To Know For A Childcare Interview?


Preparing for a Job Interview in Child Care is no different than preparing for any other job interview. Practice interviewing with a friend until confident that the interview will go smoothly.

Do the Homework

Research should be done on the particular child care services the facility provides and a resume’ should be in hand to refer to or in case the interviewer needs an additional copy. Have references ready as well in case the interviewer asks for them. Knowing what to expect as far as child care services provided at the facility will also go far in helping the interviewee to secure the job.

Job Responsibilities

Day care

As an employee it’s important to be on time to work. It’s just as important to be on time to the interview. The interview actually begins the moment the potential employee walks into the door.

As a Morningside Childcare Centre worker what will be the job responsibilities? It’s important to ask the question, “What will a typical day look like?” at some point during the interview.

Know the exact job title of the position being applied for. There is a huge difference between a child care worker, a child care educator and an early childhood educator. Some positions will require some post secondary education so make sure that the qualifications are met for the job at hand.

Some jobs in child care offer a traineeship and then work their way up to one of the other positions. Knowing the exact details for the job will go far in helping one to land the job of their dreams in a pay scale they desire.

Be Confident

Portray confidence during the interview. If shown the facility be sure to interact with a child or two to demonstrate skills that are required of the job position. Stand up straight, look the interviewer in the eye and a firm but gentle handshake will also help to secure the job.

Happy family in spring day.
  • Do’s and Don’ts During The Interview
  • Do ask questions of the interview either at the end of the interview or during the course of the interview if the opportunity arises.
  • Do dress professionally for the interview, even if jeans and tee shirts are the normal dress style for employees during the work day.
  • Do make eye contact when speaking to the interviewer.
  • Do know enough about the company and the job position to sound intelligent.
  • Do let the interviewer do most of the talking.
  • Do bring a small notebook and a pen to the interview. There may be important things to write down during the interview or a date set for testing or a follow up interview that should be written down.
  • Don’t leave a cell phone on during the interview. If it’s needed fine, but turn it off or on silent while inside of the facility.
  • Don’t bring any children to the interview even if they will be staying at the facility during employment, unless specifically asked to bring them at the time of the interview.
  • Don’t bring friends or parents along and have they waited in the lobby during the interview, if they must come along; have they waited outside or at a coffee shop nearby.
  • Don’t chew gum during the interview.
  • Don’t ask about pay, vacation allowances, sick leaves or any other benefits during the interview. Many interviewers will offer this information but if it’s not offered don’t ask during the interview it may appear greedy. Wait until the job is offered to ask these pertinent questions.
  • Don’t bad mouth any past employers.
  • Don’t make rude remarks about kids or difficult parents.