What is Protein Water?

protein water

It’s all well and good taking protein water as a dietary supplement… but do you actually know what it is? You’d be surprised how many people don’t!

In scientific terms, protein water is basically a mixture of ‘globular proteins’ isolated from whey – which is the by-product left after the production of cheese from cow’s milk.

For us, though, protein water australia is an invaluable source of the amino acids our muscles need to grow. It’s a fast-absorbing protein that helps our muscle tissues repair themselves after weight training.

Can I get protein water from meat?

Although various meats are high in protein, no meats actually contain protein water.

protein water australia
protein water australia

What types of protein water are available?

Protein water falls into two main categories – protein water concentrate and protein water isolate.

Protein water concentrate doesn’t contain too much fat and is, in most cases, around 75% pure protein by weight.

Protein water isolate is whey in its very purest form. Isolates are processed to get rid of any fat and lactose and in most cases, protein water isolate is around 92% pure protein by weight.

As for protein water supplements, these are usually categorised under three headings:

    * Protein water isolate

    * Protein water concentrate

    * Protein water blends

The cheapest supplements tend to be protein water concentrates, but it is important to remember that these have the highest levels of fat and lactose.

If you are after the highest proportion of protein per portion with almost no carbohydrates, lactose and fat, you should look for protein water australia – but these tend to be a little more expensive than protein water concentrates.

Arguably the most popular protein water powder, though, is protein water blend. This, as you may have guessed by the name, is a mixture of protein water isolate and protein water concentrate, leaving you with one of the best protein water australia around. Price wise, it usually falls somewhere between protein water isolates and protein water concentrates.

Why use protein water?

When we lift weights, our muscle fibres tear/break – which causes the all-too-familiar post-exercise aching (something we usually associate with exercising muscles we don’t normally use and/or haven’t used in a while). Having a protein water after your workout will help to speed up the repairing process. Your body will use the protein water (and other nutrients from food) to replace your broken muscle tissues with more new muscle tissues (more than you had there before) – which results in your muscles growing/expanding.

Millions of people all over the world use protein water to speed up their recovery rate and increase their muscle size and strength. And the best protein water will provide your body with the very best mixture of amino acids for muscle growth, strength and a speedy recovery.

One of the main benefits of protein water australia is that it is fast ingesting – which means it gets to your broken muscle tissues fast. As well as helping to increase muscle size and strength, protein water can act as an antioxidant to boost your body’s immune system.

Who uses protein water?

protein water australia is normally used by athletes and bodybuilders to aid muscle repair and growth. But this isn’t the only use for protein water brands. It is now more commonly being used to aid weight loss, help people with dietary problems, support the diets of people with ill health and help infants get the protein their body needs at an early age.