World of Warcraft and SEO

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Beta has become one of my favorite pass time when I’m not working on my next big idea or my clients’ SEO Company San Jose.

It’s amazing how I relate things to WoW even SEO Optimization. In WoW, we do these things called daily quests or dailies. Once you complete, one quest, you get experience points if you’re not yet level 80 and WoW Gold. You are limited to 25 dailies.

With SEO, excessive promotion gets you into more trouble than it’s worth the effort. Unless you’re an incredibly popular celebrity with a spicy new scandal, your site wouldn’t have 1,000 backlinks within 24 hours. Yes, sometimes you get crazy rankings and even get to the top of the SERP with all the backlinks you are getting. But hey guess what if it’s that simple to manipulate Google then they’re developers wouldn’t have that much of a future.


I hope that Google’s algorithm would learn things faster. I’ve read tons of eBooks and video tutorials that simply manipulates the results of Google and still they don’t learn. There’s even this WordPress plugin that lets Google index your site right away and in a couple days places you to the front page. I’ve even seen sites that totally violates they’re Google Webmaster Guidelines and still get to the front page SEO Company San Jose CA.

The World Wide Web (WWW) is too big, database too large, algorithm can’t understand the page, too many pages to crawl. Well, we get all the excuses in the world but still not get the right answer. I just hope that Google makes it simple and stop making excuses.

There’s a reason why we use Google as our main search engine submission is that it’s simple and get the right results most of the time. Anyways, half of what I say I don’t even understand so make up your own mind and just have fun.