When you want to build a barrier-free order house For the most recently ordered houses, for the purpose of “barrier free”There is an order house you did.The word barrier – free has penetrated even in Japan.The meaning of this word seems to be “to eliminate barriers for people with disabilities and elderly life “.In the case of an order housing aimed at barrier-free, it seems that there is a pattern to remodel the inside, as it is thepattern that the house which I lived up to once has been demolished, the pattern to build with new construction, and the
house where I live Costly, the pattern that reforms inside is cheap,but depending on the degree of obstacles and nursing care,it sometimes takes time and effort, and costs may be high.Unlike ordinary ordered houses, in the case of barrier-free, I think that it is possible for ordinary construction companies to deal with only the basic part, but if
not, there are things that “it is impossible for us”.
In such a case,choosing a building company that has a person who has the qualification “welfare residential environment coordinator”, choosing a company with a proven track record of building a custom-built house for barrier-free,while consulting variously
There is a high possibility that you can build the best order house .
By the way, “Welfare living environment coordinator” is qualification to propose living houses and environments to people with disabilities and the elderly . When searching on the Internet, some of the sites of the building company says
“There is a counselor acquiring this qualification”. Also, some people with disabilities actually make blogs saying “We built a custom house like this” , so I think that it is good to refer to such a blog .
PR: To those who are considering order houses in Kyoto, to Dorikamotsuzu.